Crushing, Screening & Demolition

Athlone Wastewater Treatment Works

2020 – 2022 

Client : City of Cape Town
Value : R125 M
Scope of works : An Amandla/ Hiload Construction Joint Venture. The project entails civil works for the construction of a Blower House Complex and the demolition of various structures at Athlone Wastewater Treatment Works.

Due to the age of the Athlone WWTW and the number of upgrades over the years, much of the infrastructure has fallen into disuse. In each case the demolition will entail locating, exposing and protecting existing services, rerouting existing services where applicable, stripping and placing of redundant mechanical and electrical equipment, demolition of the civil structure to its full depth and making good the area.

A new Blower House Complex is required that will form the central process controller hub for the Athlone WWTW. The complex will include new civil infrastructure for the new electrical intake substation, generators and power factor correction facilities. It will also include new mess facilities, ablutions, kitchenettes, offices and a laboratory and meeting facilities for process controllers.