Darling RSEP | Intercultural Park

Client : Swartland Municipality
Value : R6 M
Scope of works : The project included the construction of multi-functional courts, play courts, picnic courts, a gymnasium area and food gardens. The work done under this contract consisted of the following:

  • Site clearance and earthworks of the 2 sites to generate platforms for the different activities
  • The construction of ablution facilities
  • The construction of various footpaths and hardened areas with laterite, gravel, lawn or asphalt final surfaces
  • The construction of sewer main
  • The construction of brick, concrete and timber benches
  • The construction of water pipelines for the provision of potable and irrigation water
  • Landscaping of both sites, including the planting of trees and grass
  • The provision of pedestrian lighting and art work at the play courts