Road Building & Rehabilitation

Road Building & Rehabilitation on Main Road 282 | Bonnievale.

2021 – 2022
Client : Western Cape Government Transport & Public Works | Roads Branch – C1158.01
Value : R31 M
Scope of works : The project is located on Main Road 282 (MR282) btw km 0.70 & 6.00, on Divisional Road 1306 btw km 0.00 & 14.88 and Minor Road 4155 btw km 0.00 & km 2.00
The roads on the MR282 entails the reinstatement of fills & layer works to provide a cross section similar to the adjacent sections. The horizontal & vertical alignment of the road is to stay unaltered, no auxiliary lanes, rest areas or bus/taxi stops are to be provided. DR1306 intersects with MR282 at km 1.44. This intersection is to be re-sealed. Concrete lined side drains will be provided at certain locations. Fences will be reinstated.
DR1306 and OP4155
Various drifts are to be constructed on DR1306. The majority of these drifts are to be cement stabilized, with the exception being a concrete drift at km 8.80. The vertical alignment of various sections along DR1306 will be altered by the addition of fill as well as a gravel wearing course. A section of DR1306 has completely washed away and will be reinstated. Pioneer layers and earth side drains will be provided in certain sections. Gabion outlet protections as well as riprap embankment protection will be provided as certain locations. A section of OP4155)km 0.00 – 0.80) will be reinstated by ripping and recompacting the in-situ material, followed by the addition of a gravel wearing course. A culvert crossing at km 2.00 on OP4155 will be reinstated.
Concrete retaining wall are proposed at certain locations along MR282 and a concrete Causeway is proposed along DR1306 (km 8.77 – 8.96)