Road Building & Rehabilitation

Emergency Repair Flood Damage near Bonnievale & Tributaries of Bree River

2021 – 2022
Client : Western Cape Government Transport & Public Works | Road Network Management
Value : R 17M 
Scope of works : The objective of the project is to execute emergency repairs to flood damage to structures and associated roads caused by May 2021 flooding in the Bonnievale area, upgrade public infrastructure, rehabilitate existing roads

The contract comprises the repair work at the following bridge, major and minor box culverts with river and road embankment protection works at flood damaged sites:

MR288 km 15.9 – repair the two farm access roads adjacent to the culvert, the fill embankment will be repaired by reinstating the road prism and construction a new box culvert to provide additional capacity

MR289 km 13.6 – reinstate the downstream fill slope as well as the road layerworks and surfacing.

MR282 km 7.0 – 14.0 – minor culverts on MR282 km 7.5 – 14 have sustained damage to the inlet and outlets, with road fill slopes at the downstream ends exhibiting severe erosion damage. This will be reinstated at B3049, the road layerworks need reinstatement to repair road surface damage. At this location the up and downstream fill slopes will also be reinstated.