Road Building & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Divisional Road 1688 BTW Calitzdorp (KM 15.64) & Oudtshoorn (KM 43.31)

2021 – 2023
Client : Western Cape Government | Transport & Public Works | Roads Branch
Value : R177 M
Scope of works : The specific objective of this project is to rehabilitate 27,67 km of Divisional Road 1688 between Calitzdorp Spa turnoff (km 15.64) and Oudtshoorn (km 43. 31). The total road length under construction is thus 27.67 km.

Upon completion of this contract, DR 1688 shall have been rehabilitated to a special Class 4 cross-section consisting of 2 x 3.4m wide surfaced lanes and 2 x 0.9m wide shoulders of which the first 0.3m is surfaced and the remaining 0.6m is gravel. The rehabilitation of DR1688 shall include limited corrections to the vertical alignment, while the horizontal alignment shall remain unaltered. The rehabilitated pavement shall also have improved superelevation to accommodate a 80 km/h speed.

The following rehabilitation works will be constructed as per the sequence below:

  • The existing jointed concrete pavement slabs shall be broken up to stockpile
  • The road alignment shall be corrected as required and a cut and fill operation which shall provide for the widened pavement structure. G7 material will need to be imported from commercial sources in some areas as fill.
  • Existing minor culvert structures shall be removed and replaced
  • The existing roadbed shall be ripped and recompacted to a depth of 150mm to form a new pavement selected subgrade layer of at least G7 quality
  • Stockpiled concrete slabs and commercially imported G6 material shall be crushed screened and blended to a minimum G6 quality to construct a new 150mm thick subbase layer
  • Following the completion of rehabilitation work, DR1688 shall receive the following seal surfacing – 20mm Cape seal using 50/70 penetration grade bitumen or SC-E1 as a tack coat with a CRS65 emulsion penetration spray and 2 layers of slurry