Road Building & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Divisional Road 1688 Calitzdorp

2019 – 2020
Client: Provincial Administration Western Cape
Value: R81 M
Scope of works: An Amandla Umzali Joint Venture. This project entails the rehabilitation of the existing unreinforced concrete roadway in accordance with the following steps:

  • Break up road
  • Remove and replace culvert structures
  • Rip and re-compact 150mm of new road prism to form a selected layer
  • Crush and screen combination of concrete slabs to a min G6 specification
  • Construct a new G6 crushed stone base course with material from commercial sources
  • Construct a new G4 base course from commercial sources
  • Seal new base course with 14mm Cape Seal
  • Paint road with solvent based road paint
  • Construct new concrete and stone pitched side drains